Language of Color

Color enriches our lives and affects our moods. From red hot to blue moon to cool green shade, it paints our thoughts and our language with evocative images. Color is also the most important value factor when dealing with colored stones. A stone may be well-cut and clean, but its color is what makes it a Colored Gemstone!
The accurate communication of color is one of the most difficult things a Gemologist ( or any person) is required to do. In order to communicate color the Gemological Institute of America has developed a system that separates color into its three components:


  1. Hue

  2. Tone

  3. Saturation

 Correctly used, the hue terms and the tone and saturation levels provide a systematic approach to communicating gem colors. Penoir Contemporary Jewelry uses the GIA Gem Set when describing Gemstones in all appraisals. An example of what you will see on your appraisal is: gB 6/4. This translates to Green-Blue Hue, Medium Dark Tone, and Moderately Strong Saturation.

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